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Eliminating excess packaging with on-demand boxes


The system designs bespoke packaging for individual items to avoid unnecessary waste

Spotted: We’ve all experienced the frustration of buying things online or in-store and finding that a tiny item has been packaged in a huge box with volumes of unnecessary space and packing materials – a huge waste of resources. In fact, over a third of leading retailers ship boxes that are at least double the size of the item inside. Startup Voidless was founded to try and remedy this problem.

The company has developed what it describes as ‘box on demand’ machinery, designed to create boxes and packaging tailored to each type of shipment. The machinery is designed to be used in warehouses, to enable real-time, on-site manufacturing of packaging that fits products with extreme precision.

The company claims that its system can be easily integrated into any type of warehouse. By creating boxes in-house, instead of buying them from third parties, warehouses can become more flexible and simplify their procurement. The system can also print personalised messages and logos on each box.

Voidless recently closed a seed funding round with raised €2.2 million. The round was led by CDP Venture Capital and the Italian-French Venture Capital company 360 Capital. The funding will be used to help Voidless grow within the market and support the consolidation of the company team.

Reducing the environmental cost of packaging is the subject of a number of recent innovations, including bio-plastics made from milk protein and a Styrofoam alternative made from grain husks.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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