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You can build your shopping list through the voice assistant | Photo source Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Carrefour and Google partner on voice-based eCommerce shopping


The retailer is the first in the world to offer its customers the voice shopping service on Google Assistant

Spotted: Carrefour Group, the French retailer operating stores across 30 countries, is partnering with US tech giant Google to launch a new voice-based eCommerce grocery shopping experience. According to a press release, the system will allow shoppers to make purchases through the Google Assistant, share shopping lists and convert the shopping list into a shopping cart

Carrefour is the first retailer in the world to integrate with the new voice-based grocery shopping experience on the Google Assistant, placing Carrefour at the lead of eCommerce and customer experience.

“Shoppers today are saddled with disconnected experiences through the shopping journey, which often lead to abandoned shopping carts and low customer satisfaction and loyalty… With Alexandre Bompard and his team, we wanted to explore new distribution models and eCommerce technologies to deliver simple, frictionless and deeply relevant experiences for shoppers in France,” said Sébastien Missoffe, VP and managing director of Google France.

Users will be able to say a specific voice command to start the experience on Google Assistant and then build their shopping list. That includes specific words such as “milk,” and product or brand names. 

The shopping lists can then be shared with others, like family members, who can also add any items they want. Finally, Google Assistant will convert the shopping list into a shopping cart, proposing products that most closely reflect the user’s preferences This will be based on whether the shopper has already purchased the product, or because the Google Assistant has deduced the preferences based on the general purchasing habits of the customer at Carrefour, best price available, and best sellers. 

Once the cart is confirmed on Google Assistant, the shopper moves immediately to Carrefour’s eCommerce site to finalise their order, confirm their slot and delivery method, pay and receive loyalty benefits.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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