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When you walk into a grocery store, fresh produce is normally the first thing you see | Photo source nrd on Unsplash

Supermarket redesigns layout to help shoppers navigate


A design firm has created a new grocery store layout that focuses on making shopping easier for the consumer

Spotted: There is a science to designing a grocery store layout. Designers use psychology, behavioural science, lighting design, stage design, colour theory and more to induce us to buy more than we planned. Ever wonder why the produce is the first thing you see, even though it makes sense to buy the most delicate items last? It’s because the sensory impact of the scents, textures and colours makes us feel both energised and hungry. 

Now, creative consultancy Culdesac has designed a store that focuses on ease of use, rather than volume of buying. The new store was designed for Spanish supermarket chain Consum and has a simple, stripped-down interior that helps shoppers to navigate the store with ease.

The new supermarket uses stripped-back interiors to provide a clear hierarchy that helps shoppers understand the distribution and location of the sections and corridors. The layout and height of the furniture have been redesigned to give shoppers optimal distance and reach. Colours also play an important role in the design, with pictograms and colour codes helping shoppers find what they want quickly.

According to Culdesac senior creative architect Borja Berna, the new design is all about making the store more comfortable for shoppers: “This design was about figuring out which kind of elements were disturbing and deleting them, making only elements that were going to help shoppers. … Colours, signage, lights and communication had to create a happy visit to the store and, at the same time, create the brand image.”

Much recent innovation in grocery stores has focused on improving elements of the shopping experience, such as virtual baskets, self-checkouts and waste-free packaging. The Culdesac design, in contrast, focuses on improving the store itself. The design will eventually be rolled out across all of Consum’s 680 Spanish supermarkets.

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