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CustomiseMe makes soap out of natural ingredients such as olive and coconut oil | Photo source Unsplash

Create-your-own soap brand uses all organic ingredients and minimal packaging


Customers choose from a range of essential oils, colours, and shapes

Spotted: Created to reduce waste in the cosmetics industry, CustomiseMe soap uses all organic ingredients in its made-to-order production. The company reduces waste by producing orders individually by hand and by using recycled and recyclable materials in its shipping packaging. Soaps are made using the cold press technique which involves a four-week curing process.

Organic materials are sourced from responsible producers, and the brand provides a list of ingredients that customers can choose from on its website. The company claims that each ingredient has a benefit for the mind and body – from butters to essential oils.

CustomiseMe can include logos on each soap and uses organic dyes to provide a range of finished colours. For individuals and teams interested in learning more about the process of soap making, the company runs workshops for hands-on creation. Prices for a customer order begin around €34 for four bars of soap.

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Written by: Keely Khoury



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