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Providing shoppers with proof for sustainability claims


A startup makes it easy for consumers to view and verify green claims before they make a purchase

Spotted: Sustainability has become an important concern for many consumers – a change that is being reflected in spending habits. This shift has sparked a rise in “green claims” by businesses, but regulators are cracking down on misleading messaging and potential greenwashing. UK-based startup Provenance wants to make it easy for genuinely sustainable brands to differentiate themselves, with verifiable green badges. 

Brands and retailers can struggle to make trustworthy sustainability claims, either due to the difficulty of authenticating their sustainability data or the cost associated with marketing any green claims. To address these problems, Provenance independently verifies the sustainability claims of consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses and provides product page badges that clearly communicate this information to consumers.

With Provenance’s platform, brands can embed a range of clickable green proof points on the product pages of their website, covering everything from packaging recyclability and charity donations to vegan and B Corp certifications. Customers click on each of these claims to see verifiable documentation.

To provide extra visibility, Provenance also includes partnering brands on its Directory, so that eco-conscious shoppers can find positive-impact products all in one place. For multi-brand retailers, it’s possible to track the claims that receive the most clicks and see the proof points that resonate most with customers, which can be used to shape buying decisions and future campaigns.

Provenance operates in 18 countries and serves over 230 CPG brands and retailers, including Unilever and LVMH. The company recently announced a $5 million (around €4.6 million) funding round and has secured an Innovation UK grant to develop an AI platform for CPG sustainability data.

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Written By: Joshua Soloman and Matilda Cox




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