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The feature lets you see how a painting fits in your home, through your phone | Photo source Etsy

AR feature allows shoppers to visualise wall art on the Etsy app


The tool enables users to get a sense of products' size, look and feel in their space of choice

Spotted: Etsy recently launched an augmented reality tool to help users visualise art, photos and prints in their homes. Etsy users can open the retailer’s app on their iPhone or iPad and use the new AR tool to visualise how wall art will fit into their home or space. 

Whilst the beta launch of the tool only includes prints, photographs and portraits, there are already over five million items available in the art and collectables category. The company also hopes to expand its AR feature into other categories in the future and plans to make the feature available on Android too.

Already operating ahead of the game for some time, the virtual-only retailer developed the feature as part of an effort to provide customers with “a more visual shopping experience”. The tool enables users to get a sense of products’ size, look and feel in their space of choice, an advantage for furniture brands, where determining the size of bed or table is particularly important to ensure it fits in the dimensions of the room.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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