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The pebble-like cases are made from recycled plastic | Photo source Fussy

Sustainable deodorant brand uses refills and mail subscription to cut waste


The new, vegan natural deodorant brand is combining a refillable system with a mail subscription service to deliver refills to customers’ homes

Spotted: Sustainable deodorant brand Fussy is using innovative design and a probiotic formulation to pioneer a new era of natural deodorant. The concept resembles a keep-cup in that natural deodorant blocks slot into a reusable case. Once the block is used up it can be easily refilled.

Designed by the London-based studio Blond, the pebble-like cases are made from recycled plastic and as for the refills, they are made from waste sugarcane — meaning that once empty, they will just decompose in your garden or the bin.  

Refills are available through a flexible subscription service that delivers every three months.  By using a subscription service, the refilling process becomes as seamless and easy, which could aid with customer adoption.

“There are several refillable deodorants on the market,” Blond Founder and Creative Director, James Melia, said in a release. “They all fight for a righteous cause: a world with less single-use plastics. However, when Fussy approached us in February 2020, we felt there was still an opportunity to create a better and more sustainable offering.”

The cases come in a range of tones, including mint green, burnt orange and ocean blue.  Unlike disposable deodorants, which are designed to stand upright to attract attention on supermarket shelves, this case lays flat on a matching dish so that it can sit discreetly on a dressing table. This slender design means the case can also fit in your letterbox, as do the refills. 

As for the formula, Fussy joins the growing market of deodorant brands using lactobacillus, the same probiotic ingredient found in most yoghurts. The lactobacillus, in essence, feeds off the microbial flora that causes body odour. 

The deodorant comes in five fragrances: Bare All, an unscented option; Wavy Days, a sharp peppermint and eucalyptus scent; the tropical Sun Drunk with vanilla and ylang-ylang; the citrusy Wide-Eyed, which smells like a cocktail; and Night Tales, a combination of cedar, cinnamon, and patchouli.  

Written By: Katrina Lane

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