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Orders may be placed online, on the phone, or via an app | Photo source Steve Buissinne on Pixabay

Texas grocery chain creates dedicated delivery service for seniors


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, citizens over the age of 60 can place orders over the phone, online or via app for same-day home delivery

Spotted: To help keep communities safe during the coronavirus outbreak, long-standing grocery business H-E-B has introduced a senior-only food ordering and delivery service. The company has curated a list of products to help make the new system effective and efficient and volunteers staff the phone line. With the company’s delivery service Favor, orders are sent out within a few hours.

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The Senior Support resource is open for phone orders for four hours every day (from 11 am to 3 pm). Orders may also be placed online or via an app every day from 11 am to 7 pm. As part of the company’s community support approach, each order includes a €9 tip for the delivery person. Orders are left outside the front door to help maintain safe social distancing, and H-E-B has also set up a Senior Support Fund for donations to help to pay for the home deliveries.

The company decided that a home delivery service would help keep vulnerable customers safer than providing dedicated shopping hours. The order and delivery service is currently available in 240 of the business’ locations, with expansion to other areas planned as quickly as possible.   

Other innovations spotted by Springwise helping to keep communities safe in response to COVID-19 include a smartwatch helping to crowdsource infection data and smart street signs that post news from the government, as well as messages from individuals and local groups.

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