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Headlining the new campaign is actor and model Maisie Williams, of Game of Thrones celebrity | Photo source Nintendo

Fashion loving gamers can now recycle their virtual threads


An H&M sustainability campaign, featuring the actor Maisie Williams, has launched on the popular Animal Crossing video game

Spotted: Fans of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing game can now indulge a love of sustainable clothing on H&M’s Looop Island. Named for the fashion giant’s in-store garment-to-garment recycling system Looop, the island will host virtual meet and greets, allow players to recycle their avatar’s outfits, and provide news and updates on the latest in industry sustainability measures.

Headlining the new campaign is actor and model Maisie Williams, of Game of Thrones celebrity. An advocate for greener living and H&M’s new Global Sustainability Ambassador, Williams partners with H&M’s Global Sustainability Manager Pascal Brun to host a variety of events, in real life and on Loop Island, throughout 2021.

Having recently set a goal of using only recycled or sustainably sourced textiles by 2030, H&M is pushing everyone in the field of fashion to clean up their act. Increased transparency in sourcing and labour, along with more concerted efforts to close the loop on the production of waste, could hugely affect the long-term health of the industry.

Notoriously wasteful and filled with opaque processes, many fashion brands have taken significant steps to work in ways that are far more ecologically kind. Recent innovations Springwise has featured include Balenciaga’s plastic waste jewellery collection and a fashion house designing exclusively with landfill plastic.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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