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The Intimately underwear | Photo source

Retailer creates inclusive lingerie for disabled women


Intimately has redesigned and adapted bras and other underwear to fit the needs of women of all shapes and sizes

Spotted: US-based online retailer, Intimately, seeks to diversify the intimates industry by creating undergarments specially designed for disabled women. The bras and other underwear are adapted for special needs

While some adapted underwear is available for the disabled, it is “ugly and archaic”, according to the company website. Intimately’s line uses comfortable fabrics and pleasing colours, giving women more options. 

Intimately targets shoppers who find conventional fits, straps and designs of modern lingerie unwieldy or impossible to put on.  Products are adapted to meet people’s needs. For instance, there are magnetic snaps and bras that latch in the front, making it easier to get dressed. 

Intimately’s goal is to make all women feel beautiful. The retailer also hosts a blog for its clients to chat about how the clothing makes them feel sexy and empowered. 

The product line is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The campaign is underway until 16th January 2020. 



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