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Lush’s 30-second soap helps users wash their hands for the right length of time | Photo source Lush

30-second soap made to last just long enough to be effective against COVID-19


Lush’s self-timing bar of soap is designed to dissolve after 30 seconds of vigorous handwashing

Spotted: The World Health Organisation advises that one of the best ways to prevent catching COVID-19 is to wash your hands frequently, and for no less than 30 seconds at a time. However, it can be very difficult to determine exactly how long 30 seconds takes. Now, cosmetics company Lush has developed a tiny bar of soap that lasts for just 30 seconds.

Lush’s self-timing bar of soap is designed to dissolve after 30 seconds of vigorous handwashing. It was developed in partnership with Deliveroo UAE, who plan to distribute the bars with each of their deliveries. Their hope is that the tiny soaps will build customer confidence, and help to associate the brand with hygiene. 

Stores are a very important part of the Lush brand because they offer customers a chance to try the products before they buy. With fewer people able to venture into physical stores, the tiny soaps could also provide a way to get sample products into customers’ hands. 

The small soaps are being promoted in partnership with the ad agency and us®. Fadi Yaish, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of and us®, describes how the thinking behind the product included changing people’s hygiene habits for the long-term. “Most people just assume that means they need to wash their hands for a little longer than usual, but ‘usual’ for most people generally means five seconds or less. With the 30-Second Soap, Lush and Deliveroo give their customers a one-off demonstration of how long 30 seconds actually feels like in practice, hopefully influencing their hand cleansing rituals in the future.”

Lush’s 30-second soap is just one of a number of products we have seen recently that aim to help people protect themselves from COVID-19. Other innovations include the use of robots for deliveries and a jumpsuit designed to be worn over the clothes during commuting.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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