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The M&S delivery will be at your door within 30 minutes | Photo source Deliveroo Press/Flikr

Deliveroo to deliver Marks and Spencer food during COVID-19 pandemic


Deliveries under the new partnership will be free and are being promised to arrive in less than 30 minutes

Spotted: The UK delivery service Deliveroo, which is mainly used for restaurant food orders, has partnered with grocery giant Marks and Spencer to provide essentials to households during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been widely publicised that supermarkets have been overrun and stripped of all supplies, by panic-buyers preparing themselves for lockdown.

The M&S-Deliveroo delivery service is free and is aiming to drop-off orders in less than 30 minutes. The service will be available at 120 M&S franchise stores in BP petrol stations and will offer household essentials such as milk, bread and juices, pizza and ready-made meals. The service will roll out to households in Cambridge, Reading, Brighton, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds and London over the next two weeks.

Deliveroo has explored other ways to help those in need during the pandemic. They recently launched “Essentials by Deliveroo,” where users can order tinned goods, pasta and other household items.

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