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Sellalong streamlines the process of selling old clothes | Photo source Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash

A plugin lets customers sell back their old clothes in exchange for real-time credit


The technology can be integrated into retailer apps and websites

Spotted: Driven by a mission to make circularity a part of every purchase, UK startup Sellalong has developed software that makes it easy for consumers to re-sell their old clothes at the same time as they are shopping online for new ones.

The plugin, which can be integrated into the apps and websites of retailers, presents customers with their previous purchases at the point of checkout. Each item is attached with a specific sell-back price, which the customer receives in the form of credit. The idea is to make circularity possible at the touch of a button, and to make it an inherent part of the purchasing process.

Customers who decide to re-sell their old items receive a free shipping label alongside their new purchase. Sellalong then receives the returned items – notifying the customer if anything is missing. The company uses established resale platforms to sell the second-hand garments, and sends the net proceeds to the retailer. Items that cannot be sold are responsibly recycled.

Retail circularity has been a key theme for several innovations recently spotted by Springwise. These include a monthly subscription for circular babywear, and a clothing rental app that is re-modelling fast fashion.

Written By: Matthew Hempstead



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