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Can micro-distribution centres revolutionise retail?


The hubs reduce carbon miles and improve the efficiency of delivery

Spotted: Rising consumer demand for faster delivery means that companies need to find new ways to speed up operations and keep customers happy. To do just that, US-based Fillogic is converting underused space in retail centres into micro distribution hubs. 

With 7 locations open, 13 being built, and another 18 in the pipeline, Fillogic plans to provide a Logistics-as-a-Service platform to retailers that enables brands to ship products anywhere in mainland USA within three days. By moving stock from distant warehouses to malls and other high-traffic commercial locations, Fillogic’s service helps retailers reduce transport emissions by up to 20 per cent, provides a range of delivery options – including curbside, locker, and in-store – and cuts down on the time it takes to process returns. 

Fillogic uses economy of scale to provide brands with the best possible transport options. The company’s proprietary Delivery Marketplace technology enables organisations to choose from a range of transportation services, including flights, for middle-mile and last-mile segments of any delivery. The platform also connects local delivery teams with retailers looking to build a reliable network in a particular location.  

By reducing fulfilment time, brands can reduce their costs while still providing customers with choice and speed. And using existing, underutilised infrastructure helps reduce overall warehouse needs while serving increased consumer demand for delivery. Logistics managers can see end-to-end journeys for both sales and returns on the platform, which helps identify any inefficiencies.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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