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KitKat matcha flavour with origami packaging | Photo source Nestle Flickr

KitKat’s new paper wrapper turns waste into origami

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The new paper packaging, which can be folded into a crane, is part of Nestle’s campaign to reduce plastic waste

Spotted: Japan-based Nestle is piloting paper packaging for its KitKat candy line. The new packaging is part of the company’s aims to create 100 per cent recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.

The paper packaging follows Nestle’s recent launch of recyclable candy wrappers. The matte paper is eco-friendly and reusable. The wrappers include instructions for how to fold them into cranes, a Japanese symbol for hope and healing. The hope is that customers will use the paper to make cranes and not pitch it. 

The new paper wrappers are currently being piloted in Japan, the biggest KitKat market in the world. At this stage, they are being used to package mini-KitKats. The company also plans to roll out paper packaging for normal-size KitKat multipacks next year. It aims to have single-layer paper wrappers for individual KitKats by 2021. 

Nestle CEO Mark Schneider has called plastic waste “one of the biggest sustainability issues” facing the world today. He said the company is committed to “finding improved solutions to reduce, re-use and recycle”. 



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