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Ombori created an innovative in-store installation to raise awareness of H&M’s Garment Collecting Program | Photo source Ombori

Platform creates seamless multichannel experiences in physical spaces


A digital platform allows retailers to create their own multichannel digital displays to engage with customers in new ways

Spotted: Ombori has released the next generation of their Ombori Grid, a digital platform that allows retailers to create seamless multichannel experiences in physical spaces. The Grid allows the rapid creation of solutions for digital screens and mobile devices in-store. Key to the product’s utility is its reusable architecture, which allows retailers to rapidly adapt to new regulations and requirements.

The system uses a library of templates and components that connect to the retailers own infrastructure. Then, using Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure IoT platform and Samsung’s Tizen, the Ombori Grid is able to manage devices in the retail store environment. Stores can manage a wide variety of digital experiences from a single web interface, for example, editing digital signs and setting content triggers. Retailers can even create their own apps, which run on top of the Ombori Grid.

Ombori has already been used to create a wide variety of interactive offerings. For example, Swedish retailer Clas Ohlson installed a giant screen in its shop window that passersby can control with their phone to browse the store catalogue, see the latest deals, and even make purchases. Another of their tools is a voice-activated mirror installed in a New York H&M. 

Andreas Hassellöf, Ombori’s CEO, told Forbes that, “Many bricks-and-mortar retailers have been struggling with the transition to online. We are helping them to add value and get online relationships with consumers as well as offline.” He added that the company’s aim is to create “a seamless and integrated experience for shoppers.”

Increasingly, the digital landscape is not competing with bricks-and-mortar so much as becoming a part of it. At Springwise, we have seen this trend emerge with innovations such as a Chinese retailer bringing live-streaming to physical shops and a pop-up interactive retail space.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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