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Tastry's AI makes personalised wine recommendations based on the shopper's tastes | Photo source Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

Personalised wine recommendations made easy with in-store AI sensory quiz


Retailers can use the platform to provide bundled sales deals and other product pairings

Spotted: When online shoppers want something more scientific than a written description to help them choose a wine, Tastry Uncorked offers a solution. The AI-powered platform uses a patent-pending artificial intelligence algorithm to make buying recommendations based on each shopper’s palate. After taking a short quiz, users receive a list of wines available in the shop that are rated by how well they match the buyers’ preferences.

As fun as the platform is for shoppers, it is also extremely useful for retailers. By tracking sales and platform recommendations, owners and managers get a more detailed understanding of their customer’s preferences and habits. That in turn makes it easier to offer new deals and bundled offers that better match a community’s needs and likes.

Tastry was created to make wine more accessible by removing the pressure to choose something rated by experts. By understanding what each shopper likes, the AI makes it easy to try something new by making recommendations that are similar to a type of wine that was previously enjoyed.

Personalisation is improving many aspects of our lives, with Springwise spotting a platform that provides support for people with hormonal imbalances and vegan gummy vitamins made according to each child’s nutritional needs.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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