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The software is quick to integrate, making it easy for brands to incorporate it into their online store | Photo source Hohenstein

AI reduces emissions from e-commerce returns


The website plugin helps consumers find the right size of any item

Spotted: As popular as online shopping is, there is a problem common to most fashion brands: consumers love the way a product looks on the screen, but are not sure what size will fit them. Sizes vary from country to country and from brand to brand, and although free online returns are convenient, they also create unnecessary carbon emissions. Moreover, it’s estimated that around €6 billion of returned goods end up in landfill anyway. Soon-to-launch Sizekick has an intelligent solution. Using one of the world’s largest databases of 3D body scans, Sizekick’s artificial intelligence (AI) sizing solution can help shoppers find the correct size in almost any brand, reducing the likelihood of a return.

Stores partner with Sizekick to install the online plugin on their website and matched branding makes the plugin seamlessly blend into the site. By filling in a few details including age, height, weight and fit preference, shoppers can receive personalised size recommendations from the AI.

Part of improving sizing means reducing returns, an aspect of e-commerce that produces a massive carbon footprint. Many businesses are seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact of online shopping returns, and Sizekick’s solution could help. Sizekick says that for every return that is prevented by getting the size right first time, it saves 500g of CO2.

The company recently raised €1.3 million in a funding round led by Hohenstein, and plans to launch its SaaS solution in 2023.

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Written By: Keely Khoury



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