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The dispenser is made from aluminium and recycled plastic and it refilled through biodegradable capsules | Photo source Happier Beauty

Refillable toothpaste dispenser makes teeth cleaning more sustainable


A sustainable personal care company has developed what they claim is the world’s first refillable toothpaste dispenser

Spotted: There is almost no aspect of our lives that can’t be made at least a bit more sustainable – and a good place to start is in the bathroom. Once you have purchased recycled toilet paper and a bamboo toothbrush, the next step may be toothpaste. Around 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfill each year. But now one company has a solution. Dental brand Happier Beauty has developed what it claims is the first refillable toothpaste dispenser.

Happier already offered a 100 per cent recyclable toothpaste tube, but the company wanted to create a more circular solution that could also reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. They came up with the dispenser thanks to a £150,000 Smart Innovate Grant. The grants are offered by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The Smart Innovate grants are designed to help designed to help commercially viable innovations by SMEs reach the market.

The dispenser is made from aluminium and 50 per cent recycled plastic. It works like a traditional toothpaste pump, and is refilled via capsules, which can be delivered on subscription. Each capsule is biodegradable and can be added to the household green waste bin or compost heap. Although the price has not yet been released, it will likely be around £11 per tube – much higher than traditional toothpaste, but much better for the environment.

Faye Wilson, Founder of Happier Beauty, described the motivation behind the dispenser as a desire to create more circularity. “It is becoming clear that recycling will not save us from the climate crisis, and so Happier Beauty wanted to take it one step further by creating a truly circular refillable and reusable solution,” explains Wilson, adding, “Refills are becoming more popular across food and beauty so why not dental care? Toothpaste is a product we all use twice a day but innovation in this market has been pretty slow up until now.”

The refill revolution has arrived. Every month, more refillable products and concepts are being launched. Springwise has recently covered many of these, including a sustainability trifecta — refillable, seaweed-based lipstick in biodegradable packaging; deodorant refills available by subscription; and a zero-waste refillable carbonated beverage dispenser. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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