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AI tools transform supermarket cooling systems


The cloud-based tools track system performance to optimise energy use and spot potential leaks

Spotted: As part of the global phase-down of the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), the United States is working to reduce production and consumption of the gas by 85 per cent from historic baseline levels by 2036. To make that possible, automatic leak detection (ALD) technologies are recommended for use with both existing and new equipment.

Axiom Cloud is a leader in this area, with a suite of AI-powered refrigerant leak detection tools that can be used singly or together across multiple sites and devices. In using its solutions, Axiom Cloud predicts that customers can cut energy usage by 11 per cent, reduce leak rates by 6 per cent, and require 12 fewer technician callouts on average every year.

The cloud-based analytics system is available in five modules and requires no additional hardware to be added to existing units. Additionally, Axiom Cloud tools eliminate the need for quarterly, manual equipment checks. The foundation of Axiom Cloud’s apps is the Enterprise Visibility module that brings together more than 500 data streams per location for round-the-clock oversight, automatic reporting, and identification of power and efficiency trends or changes.

Every organisation begins with the Enterprise Visibility app and can then choose to add any number of additional modules such as Predictive Maintenance and Early Leak Detection. Predictive Maintenance helps organisations fix problems before they become emergencies, helping to reduce waste by preventing products from spoiling. The Early Leak Detection system uses eight indicators tracked by the algorithm to identify system-level performance changes as soon as they occur.

Axiom Cloud tools are available via monthly subscription with pricing dependent on the number of sites and devices being monitored. The company recently closed a $5 million (around €4.7 million) funding round that it will use to expand its market reach and support businesses working towards compliance with new regulations.

Other innovations in Springwise’s library that are finding ways to make refrigeration and chilling processes more sustainable include new, cold chain aerogels and a cooling technology that requires only intermittent power.

Written By: Keely Khoury and Matthew Hempstead




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