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The Badger robot 'in-store' | Photo source Badger Retail InSight

Aisle-scanning robots for automating store inventory

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Woodman’s Market has added Badger Technologies’ robots to its store to transform inventory management into a quicker and more efficient process

Spotted: US-based Woodman’s Market has deployed Badger Technologies’ multipurpose aisle-scanning robots to a couple of its stores, to help automate inventory management. The purpose of the robots will be to monitor product availability, verify prices and deliver precise location data for more than one 100,000 items at each store. The supermarket chain’s decision to roll out the Badger robots was motivated by its ability to lower operational costs and increase profits.

As Woodman’s stores are known for having a large floor space that is nearly six times larger than the grocery industry average, automating checks on out-of-stock items and price compliance will streamline time-intensive tasks. Badger claims that their robots use imaging tools and neutral networks that allow them to detect out-of-stock items with over 95 per cent accuracy, and incorrectly placed or priced items with 90 per cent accuracy.

Another important facet of the robots is that they can collect and connect critical data with the Woodman’s mobile shopping app. Badger will be able to keep track of where items are, which Woodman’s can then integrate with its app and help everyone involved, from shoppers to people ordering online, to store associates looking for products.

The robots have been launched in Woodman’s Market stores throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, with plans to expand to all 18 store locations by the end of 2020.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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