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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air. | Photo source Pixabay

App provides real-time visualisation of air pollution


In Skopje, a tech developer created an app to inform and empower citizens against air pollution

Spotted: MyAir is an app that provides real-time visualisation of air pollution around Skopje, North Macedonia. The app, designed by local tech developer Gorjan Jovanovski, is currently used by almost 5 percent of North Macedonia’s entire population.

The app runs on open-source data provided by the combined input from various sensors throughout the city, including government-run measuring centres and various private sensors from universities. The data is then used to provide users with a map of pollution levels via a traffic light system. Red-coded areas indicate heavily-polluted areas while amber is for high levels and green for safe levels. Micro-level data is also used to provide information for individual streets.

By providing a visual representation of pollution-levels, the app has influenced locals to pressure governmental bodies into taking action on air pollution. As a result, the National Clean Air Plan has been developed and authorities have begun sanctioning polluters.

Based on its initial success, Nikov’s next aim is to make the platform available for other cities throughout the world.


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