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The Traceless film | Photo source Traceless

Compostable packaging made from agriculture waste


Designed to replace single use plastics, the new materials are safe to use with food

Spotted: Using agricultural waste materials, German startup Traceless has created three new types of packaging. All three are designed specifically as a replacement for high-volume single-use plastics. The new materials are fully compostable, even at home, and are completely safe to use on food. 

The polymers used in its products – a film, a sprayable coating and a hard plastic alternative – are natural and without any chemical alteration, making them much quicker to decompose. The hard plastic option is usable in 3D printers and can be dyed, moulded and printed. Similarly, the film is also able to be dyed and printed, as well as heat-sealed.  

The company is in the early stages of development, with its technology currently patent-pending. If manufactured and applied on a global scale, such plastic replacements could make significant strides towards reducing the production of new plastics.  

Plastic pollution is such an overwhelming problem that a proliferation of projects and products are making inroads on its use and recycling in as many ways as possible. Two recent examples Springwise has spotted are the Australian company that created washable, reusable bin bags, and a global electronics business that has started using a strong alternative to styrofoam.  

Written by: Keely Khoury

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