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Suunto sports watches come with the heat map app that can be used to avoid popular spots | Photo source Suunto

Wearable's heat map helps athletes avoid crowded training spots

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With social distancing in mind, the feature visualises where others have trained so that users can avoid the most popular routes

Spotted: With the spread of the coronavirus, those who exercise outdoors have become concerned about avoiding other people. After all, it is less fun to run in a local park if you need to constantly swerve and dodge other park users. The Finnish sports watch company Suunto may have an answer. 

Like many connected sports watches and fitness trackers, newer Suunto watches have a heat map feature. This feature was designed to help people visualise where others have trained so that users can follow the most popular routes. Now, however, the heat map feature is helping people to avoid the places most likely to be crowded. 

Suunto’s heat map app can be used to plan and follow routes outdoors for a variety of sports, including running, cycling, swimming, skiing and golf. Compatible Suunto watches allow offline access to both Heat maps and detailed terrain maps when exercising outdoors. Users can see their track on the map and then use heat maps to avoid the most popular areas on their route.

According to the company, “Suunto Wear app downloads and updates local offline maps with heat maps for you automatically when your watch is charging and connected to Wifi. You can also create custom offline maps for your travels and adventures away from home.”

Connected sports watches and fitness trackers have become a very popular accessory, and are incorporating ever-more features and functions. At Springwise, we have covered innovations in sports watches that include an app that can simulate the gym experience, complete with coaching and playlists, and a tracker that monitor’s the user’s metabolism to maximise performance efficiency.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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