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Lmnts outdoor yoga domes allow for socially-distanced exercise | Photo source Lmnts

Socially-distanced yoga in personal domes

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A Canadian yoga studio has set up 50 geodesic domes to allow people to practice hot yoga while maintaining social distancing

Spotted: Missing your hot yoga class? An outdoor yoga studio in Toronto, Canada, run by lmnts Yoga and Fitness Studio, has a solution. They have set up 50 outdoor geodesic domes to allow people to work out safely. 

The geodesic domes each stand seven feet tall and are 12 feet wide, offering more than 110 square feet of private, heated space. They are clear so that everyone can see the instructor and are designed to produce a greenhouse effect, reaching temperatures in excess of 32 degrees Celsius – perfect for hot yoga. 

The studio will host 5-6 classes daily through the 31st of July. Classes will be led by instructors from lmnts partner studios and special guests. The studio will be open seven days a week and expects the domes to sell out quickly. Domes will be sanitised before and after each session using a botanical disinfectant that eliminates 99.9 per cent of known viruses, including COVID-19. On top of this, there will be hand sanitiser stations on-site. 

According to the studio, the minimalist nature of the domes and the sanitisation process will allow users to yoga in safety: “We here at lmnts Outdoor Studio have made it our top priority to provide our clients with a peace of mind, even prior to embarking on their health and wellness journey.”

Lmnts Studio joins an increasing number of businesses coming up with creative ideas for keeping people safe as they re-open. Innovative ideas recently covered at Springwise include chain curtains to create separate space while dining which preserve light and colourful screens to keep children separate at school.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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