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A blockchain platform for supply chain transparency

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A new platform uses blockchain and AI to allow users to track and trace their entire supply chain

Spotted: Modern supply chains are long and, in many industries, they are also opaque. This is due to the complexity and speed with which they move – it has become extremely difficult to track products and have confidence that materials are meeting regulations, with consideration for environmental impact, origin, labour conditions, and product location. French startup Tilkal offers a solution to this uncertainty with a platform that tracks the entire supply chain.

Tilkal’s platform uses blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics to create a full digital representation of the supply chain in real time. Every actor in the supply chain sends information, which is validated by Tilkal to ensure accuracy. Customers use a personalised dashboard to track products from end-to-end and use the data to demonstrate the products’ origin, adherence to labour laws, and environmental impact.

The platform provides a full vision of the journey for each batch, box, pallet, bag, and shipment. The scoring and alerts notification system allows organisations to detect problems early and address an issue immediately, which Tilkal highlights as “a game-changer to guarantee safety, authenticity, sustainability and ethics.”

Since its founding, Tilkal has completed various funding rounds, as well as received a €2.5 million grant from the European Innovation Council.

Visibility in all parts of the supply chain is vital, with supply chain resilience even seen as a national security imperative. So, it is no surprise that Springwise has spotted a big uptick in supply chain innovations in the archive. These include a platform that traces food product supply chains and another aimed at decarbonising supply chains.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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