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| Photo source Root Quencher

A device waters plants at their roots to save water 


The novel system reduces water waste by up to 50 per cent

Spotted: Smart water use is a necessity for almost all households. And for the green-thumbed among us, irrigation is a tricky aspect of gardening. Too much water is as dangerous to plants as too little, so working with the weather conditions presents a daily challenge. 

From a family desire to preserve plants passed down from previous generations, came the idea for a subsurface watering and irrigation system called the Root Quencher. Designed to minimise wasteful surface evaporation of water, while delivering water to the roots where it is needed most, the Root Quencher is available in two different sizes and can be used with existing sprinkler systems as well as a simple hose set-up. 

The devices are made from sturdy recycled plastic and last for years. They come in different sizes and can be inserted into the ground at a variety of depths, depending on the size of the plants. Fertiliser can also be added to the device for steady application as the water flows through, and a series of holes in the device can be plugged or uncovered as needed to direct the water.  

New products being released by the company in 2023 and 2024 include an in-ground device that connects to a drip line for hillside watering, and a lawn watering system designed to replace above-ground sprayheads.  

Being more efficient with natural resources is a key component of many innovations as communities strive to reach their SDGs and national carbon neutral goals. Springwise has spotted a system that harvests solar power while providing energy for growing plants, and a zero-emission boiler for home heating.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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