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Real-time tracking for streamlined waste management


A startup has developed an SaaS platform to bring greater efficiency to waste management and recycling

Spotted: Although formalised recycling centres have existed since the late 1800s, the reality is that recycling is still not always that efficient. An innovative startup, ContainerGrid is working to change this with a digital platform for managing and monitoring waste streams.

The startup’s platform provides real-time tracking of waste containers and aids in communication between waste generators and disposal companies, helping improve coordination and efficiency. The system also provides route planning and data and analytics on disposal, enabling companies to review and improve their waste practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

According to the company, its platform will allow users to bundle together the processing production facilities of their customers and suppliers, digitally verifying material qualities and centralising recycling services, which will result in lower disposal costs overall. The system can also promote a circular approach to waste management by enabling companies to identify waste streams that are suitable for reuse or recycling.

Last year, ContainerGrid entered into the Xpreneur acceleration programme, giving the company access to the programme’s resources and networks. At the same time, it expanded its team to include more members from around Germany.

The global focus on sustainability and net zero is bringing significant innovation to waste management. Recent concepts spotted by Springwise include applying reverse logistics to post-consumer packaging and a platform for a zero-waste pharma supply chain.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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