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| Photo source Beyond Peat

Combatting climate change with peat-free products


Using alternatives to peat helps to preserve natural carbon sinks

Spotted: Approximately 50 million hectares of peatland have been damaged around the world for the extraction of peat (the spongy upper layer of soil that’s mostly made out of decayed plants and other organic matter) or drained to create fertile land for agriculture.

This environmental disruption causes CO2 to be rapidly released back into the atmosphere. Because of this, peat-free products can play an essential role in the fight against climate change – and one company producing them is US-based Beyond Peat.

The startup creates sustainable, peat-free soil mixes for agriculture, and its newest launch, the Bio-Fiber Organic Soil Conditioner, can be used as a higher-performing replacement for nutrient-rich peat moss. The novel conditioner produces up to 25 per cent more air space, meaning roots can grow better, and can absorb up to seven times its weight in water, helping to protect the soil from being under- or over-watered.

Made with environmentally friendly ingredients, the Soil Conditioner can be used for a variety of purposes, from growing lawns and vegetable gardens to trees, and has launched nationwide in the US at The Home Depot.

Springwise has spotted other innovative ways to repair and replenish the soil, including by using sound and ‘carpets’ of basalt.

Written By: Lauryn Berry



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