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Large-scale modelling of nature-based solutions


The AI-powered platform optimises the economic and environmental benefits of managing natural assets

Spotted: In order to have sound environmental management, infrastructure operators and owners must balance both ecology and economy in project design and operation. This can be difficult, however, if they are not armed with good information about the natural assets under their care. Startup Green PRAXIS aims to change this with a platform for modelling large-scale, nature-based solutions.

The platform is designed to help land managers optimise both environmental assets and human infrastructure around four important areas – risk management, cost optimisation, biodiversity, and carbon footprint. The platform uses automated data collection on areas such as climate, soil, flora and fauna, human demographics, regulations, and land use.

Green PRAXIS then designs a planting and environmental management plan to suit the area and its use. This includes elements such as plant mixes and the business and benefits case. The company also provides implementation and monitoring, including preparation of the land, measuring benefits, and any necessary corrective action.

The company has recently announced a successful seed round of fundraising. Funds were raised from new and existing investors and will be used to cover a greater number of use cases and accelerate the platform’s rollout in Europe.

All infrastructure projects benefit from strong environmental management, and a number of innovations are working to make this easier. These include the use of AI to predict weather and a platform that leverages satellite data to help with decisions on land, water, and energy assets.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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