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A software platform for supply chain decarbonisation


The startup uses data and expertise to guide corporations towards net zero emissions

Spotted: Supply chains are saturated with carbon. In fact, supply chain emissions are estimated to be 11.4 times higher than the operational emissions of an average company. Industries must cut these emissions drastically to meet worldwide sustainability targets like the Paris Agreement, but for many companies, this is easier said than done. Enter The Climate Choice, a climate-based intelligence software platform set to decarbonise industrial supply chains. 

By combining an assessment with its software, The Climate Choice can show companies how climate-ready they are before generating a specialised, cost-effective, action-oriented solution. The startup also invites suppliers to be a part of the solution too, offering its intelligence and guidance to meet net-zero needs. 

“There is still a large disconnect between the aspirational climate targets and the reality of actions taken – and yet every company now requires a clear and effective approach for reducing their emissions. Data-informed, streamlined processes are key for monitoring, tracking and engaging suppliers in their decarbonization journey for any large supply chain,” said Yasha Tarani, Co-founder & CEO at The Climate Choice. 

Earlier this month, the company announced $2 million (around €1.8 million) in pre-seed funding and is planning to use this to grow further and expand its Climate Intelligence Platform. 

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Written By: Georgia King



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