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| Photo source Agua de Sol

A solar-powered water panel captures moisture from the air

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This startup is using abundant, renewable, and free resources to produce drinking water

Spotted: Every minute, people around the world purchase one million plastic bottles. For many, this is the only way to access clean and safe water, making it unsurprising that environmental concerns get pushed aside. But what if there was a different way for these individuals to access drinking water without harming our planet? Enter Agua de Sol, a French startup that has developed a way to tap into atmospheric water vapour using solar energy. 

The innovation, called the SunAir Fountain, captures atmospheric water vapour using panels. These panels have an absorbent bed, a condensation window, and a solar-energy-powered fan. When temperatures drop at night and humidity rises, the SunAir Fountain traps water vapour in its absorbent bed. Then, the solar energy releases the water vapour to be condensed by cooler air during the day, producing up to two litres of drinking water per day per panel. 

By harnessing the sun’s power, Agua de Sol has pioneered a technology that runs off a clean and abundant energy source. This makes humid and hot locations ideal for the SunAir Fountain, creating a great match with areas that are likely to be water-scarce. 

At the start of this year, a pilot operation was conducted to provide water to a remote Greek Island, hoping to steer the technology further towards commercialisation. 

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Written By: Georgia King




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