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OneLife X uses a high-precision laser sensor | Photo source OneLife

Eco-friendly air purifier doesn’t require a filter replacement


The air purifier features plasma-filtering technology that allows it to capture particles whilst consuming very little energy

Spotted: OneLife has released its latest air purifier, the OneLife X, which features eco-friendly materials and a plasma filter technology that never needs to be replaced. 

Instead of forcing air through a thick filter, OneLife X’s plasma filtering technology works by producing charged ions that catch airborne particles within the purifier. OneLife says that this enables the device to use very little energy, run virtually silently, and generate no harmful ozone. However, Toms Guide noticed the rating sits at 25-45 dB(A), which they said is similar to others we have tested.  

OneLife X uses a high-precision laser sensor that allows it to track even the smallest particles in the air. Unlike standard HEPA filters, which according to the company are incapable of capturing viruses or particles smaller than 0.3 micrometres, the new device can eliminate ultra-fine particles and viruses of up to 0.01 micrometre. 

Another highlight of the new filter design is that it doesn’t need to be replaced. Instead, users simply have to wash it periodically, which can be done either manually or in the dishwasher. This is a major sustainable element which altogether removes the waste produced by replacing HEPA filters.   

As for the design, it takes the shape of a bamboo frame inside of which sits a sleek white cube that can be tilted to easily direct the fan. The textile cover of the cube is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The filter measures around 190 x 196 x 411 mm and can cover rooms up to 25 square metres. The device weighs 4kg and uses minimal energy at 4-8 watts, which is less than an average LED lamp. OneLife calculates it should cost only about $6 per year (around €5.12) to run.  

The purifier comes with a boost mode, and another mode for night and automatic. It also links up to smartphones via an app. The app allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as control the air purifier remotely. It also connects to a number of smart assistants.  

The OneLife X is now available for pre-order for $799 (around €680.66) from OneLife and Indiegogo.  

Written By: Katrina Lane

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