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An affordable subscription for reusable nappies


Toto Safi provides affordable and reusable nappies to help reduce the financial strain on families and eliminate pollution associated with single-use alternatives

Spotted: The average baby goes through approximately 7,000 nappies before they are potty trained, and the vast majority of nappies used around the world are disposable. Considering that there are over 400,000 babies born in Rwanda and over 46 million across Africa annually, the number of nappies generated is staggering. The problems posed by single-use nappies are two-fold: there is a financial burden, with some mothers even needing to delay changing to reduce cost; and the environmental impact of disposing of that many plastic-based nappies. 

Founded with the goal of helping mothers and families provide their babies with a sanitary and dignified alternative to rationing disposable nappies, Kigali-based Toto Safi gives mothers the ability to subscribe and save money on reusable nappies, while also eliminating the wastefulness of single-use alternatives. 

Toto Safi’s nappies are designed and produced in Rwanda through partnerships with local women tailor cooperatives. By choosing Toto Safi, parents can not only make a positive impact on the environment, then, but also contribute to community development and the well-being of local economies. 

The final products are high-quality, affordable, adjustable, and environmentally sustainable. They are also made with breathable and waterproof materials like cotton or bamboo, which means the nappies are gentle on babies’ skin, highly absorbent, and free from chemicals. Customers can either purchase the reusable nappies outright or subscribe for weekly sanitised nappy deliveries, along with the pickup of soiled nappies for cleaning. This system reduces waste and offers parents long-term cost savings.

Toto Safi is currently testing and developing new product lines, including two-in-one diapers, pocket diapers, and adult diapers, to meet diverse customer needs. The aim is to offer a comprehensive range of reusable items like padded underwear, period pants, and incontinence products, providing sustainable and comfortable solutions for people of all ages. 

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Written By: Archie Cox




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