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Inferring actionable Scope 3 insights from existing data


The AI platform analyses cradle-to-grave emissions for every product

Spotted: The complexity of monitoring and reporting on Scope 3 – supply chain – emissions is well-known, leading some analysts to find that companies tend to prioritise reporting on “emissions data that is easier to obtain, potentially overlooking data that, although more challenging to gather, could lead to opportunities for more significant greenhouse gas reductions.”

Using information that companies already collect, supply chain emissions startup Muir AI combines machine learning with large-scale data fusion to provide companies with actionable insights for improving their corporate sustainability. Muir’s Intelligence Platform provides a breakdown, by product, of materials, trade flows, and overall emissions from the supply chain. The automated analyses let businesses review suppliers, products, and material selection at every stage in the manufacturing process.

The platform’s Carbon Origin tool measures a product’s emissions at every stage, from cradle to grave, allowing teams to identify new opportunities for improvements and partnerships throughout the supply chain. Organisations can track their products against global benchmarks, and as procurement teams work through potential changes, the platform’s Carbon Risk tool provides comparisons of regulatory compliance and environmental standards in different countries.

Muir’s platform uses a mix of proprietary and open-source data, and because its analysis does not require inputs from suppliers, can be scaled for full supply chain coverage. Designed for integration via API, the platform is also accessible online as a stand-alone interface.

In one case study, the company analysed the emissions of five product lines of a US sports equipment company using only publicly available shipping logs. 

From a behavioural science-based app for reducing individual carbon footprints to drones mapping heat leakage from buildings, Springwise’s library contains a number of innovations working to reduce CO2 emissions at all levels.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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