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Growing eco-friendly gardens that support nature


One company designs and installs outdoor spaces that boost biodiversity

Spotted: Large lawns are often considered “carbon sinks” that capture and store significant volumes of CO2 underground. However, a lot of the things we use to look after our gardens – like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and synthetic fertilisers – can counteract the carbon-capturing benefits, generating emissions and polluting the environment instead. Thrive Lot hopes to change that, by creating beautiful gardens that work with nature instead of against it.

The US company helps homeowners make the most of their outdoor space while promoting sustainability and biodiversity and provides support from start to finish. To begin, prospective customers receive a free call to clarify a budget and goals and then an in-person assessment is conducted to examine things like soil quality, sun exposure, and elevation levels.

Thrive Lot experts then design and install the garden according to the customer’s brief and a property’s requirements, constructing flower beds and ponds, and planting flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the desired locations.

The company’s process cultivates beautiful and thriving ecosystems that are designed to be low-maintenance and chemical-free, encouraging biodiversity back to spaces where it may have been lost. Thrive Lot also provides support after installation to ensure that a garden continues to thrive.

Springwise has spotted other innovators looking to bring biodiversity back to towns and cities, including by using AI and satellites or turning bus stops into bee habitats.

Written By: Lauryn Berry 



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