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Creating a circular food economy with holistic waste management solutions


A Turkish startup is taking a holistic approach to tackling both food waste and food insecurity

Spotted: Food waste is a huge and growing problem. According to the 2021 Food Waste Index, published by the United Nations Environment Programme, 931 million tonnes of food are thrown away annually, with 244 million tonnes, coming from the food service industry. At the same time, hundreds of millions are unable to afford enough food.

Turkish waste management company Fazla is working to tackle both of these issues with a circular system that reduces food waste across the board. Fazla purchases surplus food ageing in the stocks of its supplier network, examines them for quality, and then lists them for sale at discounted prices.

The company runs a digital donation platform and food banking network, as well as a recycling service and sustainability consultancy. It also offers a Smart Scale System to help professional kitchens monitor and reduce their food waste and even surprise boxes – where any local food products that are unsold at the end of the day can be purchased cheaply.

Fazla has recently announced that it has raised $6 million (around €5.4 million) in an investment round. The funds will be used to expand Fazla’s work in the Spanish market.

The combination of huge food waste and high food need has led to a number of innovations in this space. In the archive, Springwise has spotted novel uses for upcycled food waste and artificial intelligence (AI) food waste management systems for commercial kitchens.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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