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| Photo source Liquify

A student-led initiative for clean water solutions


The project brings clean water technologies and education to local communities in Bali

Spotted: Around 2.5 billion people rely entirely on groundwater for their daily drinking water, but these resources are being stretched ever-thinner as a result of climate change and population growth. In Indonesia, a non-profit, youth-based initiative called Liquify is working to develop innovative water solutions and raise awareness among young people of the global water crisis.

Liquify’s founder Dipta Wirata told Springwise that the Balinese project “focuses on implementing recharge wells and educational workshops to local schools,” with a comprehensive approach that includes “not only the physical implementation of recharge wells and educational classes, but also a monitoring system to collect real-time data from these projects.”

Because the impact of building recharge wells is often hidden, the monitoring systems are crucial. The information they collect is shared on a dashboard, making it easy for local people to see. Wirata has also developed educational materials, and even original children’s books, that teach about the importance of clean water and how to conserve it.

Liquify also builds gravity filters and water catchment systems and provides training and education on maintaining these water systems. In 2023, the project won the Iris Prize, a grant of $15,000 (around €13,800) that will help the project install 20 catchment systems and recharge wells in schools and village community centres in 2024, while providing 50 gravity ultrafiltration filters to Balinese farmers.

Improving access to clean water is the goal of a number of recent innovations spotted by Springwise, including AI-driven irrigation and new water filtration technology.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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