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Detecting methane leaks with lasers


How could this cutting-edge technology help to combat climate change?

Spotted: Because of its extremely high global warming potential, methane leaks could compromise Paris Agreement targets and threaten the world’s ‘carbon budget’. Just one leak in 2022 emitted 427 tonnes of methane an hour – equivalent to the rate of emissions from 67 million cars. Spotting and stopping these leaks, then, is critical and Mid InfraRed Instrumentation Company (MIRICO) is here to help.

MIRICO has developed Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (LDS) technology to revolutionise gas sensing even in difficult measuring conditions like when it’s foggy, dusty, or raining. The laser-based sensor autonomously and continuously scans a site with extreme accuracy, enabling even the smallest of leaks to be flagged quickly so that necessary repairs can be made before huge volumes of gas have escaped. All of this data is available for users to view on the accompanying platform.

With governments and global regulatory bodies continually mandating emissions reductions, MIRICO’s approach brings valuable sensitivity and accuracy to emissions tracking that organisations can use to help their environmental reporting. The innovative technology can be used to identify fugitive emissions in the oil and gas industry, monitor the performance and emissions of landfills and anaerobic digesters, track pollution associated with agricultural activities, and provide insights into greenhouse gas emissions to support scientific research.

MIRICO recently secured $2 million in a funding round led by Shell Ventures and New Climate Ventures, with participation from the UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S). While MIROCO’s LDS technology is commercially available, the fresh round of funding will help the firm to expand its market reach to the US, Canada, and other regions.

Written By: Duncan Whitmore and Matilda Cox




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