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SustainCert's new software is specifically focused on scope 3 emissions in the supply chain | Photo source Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

New software verifies net-zero progress


SustainCERT's proprietary software will allow companies to quantify and verify the impact of interventions to clean-up supply chains

Spotted: Luxembourg-based SustainCERT, a leading digital platform for verifying carbon emissions reductions, has released the alpha version of its new software specifically focused on scope 3 emissions. These emissions occur in an organisation’s supply chain and are the most tricky to measure.

The software is designed to measure and verify a company’s progress towards net-zero by tracking, accounting, and reporting verified emission reductions across its supply chain.

A key feature of the system is that it can quantify the positive impact of individual interventions that reduce and remove emissions. Once the impact has been verified, the software generates a unit that can be exchanged among value chain actors. This helps organisations meet their net-zero targets while generating a potential new revenue stream linked to climate action.

“Corporates are aiming to do more than just account and report emission data,” says Marion Verles, CEO of SustainCERT. “Their challenge now is how to drive collective action in their supply chains to achieve their net-zero ambitions.”

The alpha is currently being tested by partners including General Mills, the Australian Meat and Livestock Association (MLA), and Rabobank.

The guidelines present in SustainCERT’s software algorithm have been developed in collaboration with Science Based Targets and various organisations including WWF, WRI, and CDP.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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