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Papkot has developed paper alternatives to plastic packaging | Photo source Canva

Compostable paper packaging works just like plastic


The packaging is recyclable and fluorine-free

Spotted: French company Papkot has designed new paper packaging systems to directly replace plastic. There are four different types of Papkot packaging. Greaseal, Aquaseal, and Fireseal make paper stainless, waterproof, and strong enough to withstand fire respectively, while a fourth design, Gaseal, is currently under development. When available, Gaseal will make paper strong enough to be vacuum-sealed.

The company’s packaging consists of a layer of paper coated with a proprietary ceramic mix that bonds directly with each cellulose molecule. Already patented, the paper packaging is mouldable, printable, and decomposes at the same rate as uncoated paper.

Certified as food-grade, the paper is compostable in home set-ups. Significantly, the new system does not use fluorine to make the paper water, fire, and grease resistant. And being printable means that the paper is usable by any brand.

Papkot sources its materials from waste products and is committed to eventually using “100 per cent recycled and renewable materials.”

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Written by: Keely Khoury



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