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Local sanctuaries for wildlife and biodiversity


Businesses and individuals can take part in conservation within 30 kilometres of a desired location

Spotted: Many efforts at nature restoration are focused on regions like the Amazon rainforest. But according to German organisation Artenglück, for those living in Europe, there is much conservation work to be done closer to home.

Wildflower meadows, for example, are important habitats that provide food and refuge for pollinators and other insects, while supporting birds, bats, and mammals. However, they face challenges. For example, in 2021, Germany was referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union by the EU Commission for failing to sufficiently protect flower-rich grasslands in protected sites.

To provide a boost for nature, Artenglück creates meadows and other habitats that can be adopted by individuals and companies. The organisation provides bespoke conservation habitats within 30 kilometres of a desired location, working with farmers and foresters to plant and maintain perennial flowering meadows, mixed forests, and habitats specifically tailored to field bird species.  

Companies and individuals can choose from wildflower habitats of 30, 60, or 100 square metres. Forest habitat spaces are also available in various sizes, and for birds that nest in agricultural fields, Artenglück provides small corridors of plantings that enable the adult birds to take off and land to access their nests. Importantly, the wildflower meadows are placed on marginal land so as not to compete with food production. 

Artenglück’s service is available across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and the company works with organisations interested in creating ecologically healthy plantings on corporate private land. 

Other innovations in Springwise’s library working to conserve and regenerate the world’s biodiversity include regenerative grazing techniques and funding indigenous forest stewardship.

Written By: Keely Khoury and Matthew Hempstead



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