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Recovering the energy from a warm shower

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The technology recovers valuable heat energy and provides a more sustainable shower experience

Spotted: In the average European household, showers are responsible for over a third of water loss and around a quarter of energy usage. And with rising energy prices across Europe, one 10-minute shower could cost almost €3. To help save people money and energy, a Swiss-based company, Joulia, has created technology to recover heat energy from a warm shower.  

The Joulia-Inline heat recycling technology uses a shower drain channel that is connected to cold water pipes. When someone takes a shower, the warm shower water runs over these pipes instead of going straight down the drain and preheats the incoming cold water. With the preheated cold water, the shower uses less hot water at the mixer valve. By reusing water heat, Joulia helps customers reduce their energy consumption, utility bill, and carbon footprint, while providing a comfortable shower experience. 

Video source Joulia

The technology is completely hidden, with the heat exchanger directly integrated into the shower area to recover energy. The line is also available in many lengths and efficiencies.

With its durable technology, Joulia says customers can save 60 per cent of their energy usage and because installation is quick, users can start saving on their bills immediately. 

Showers, while relaxing, can break the bank and waste a lot of water and energy, and Springwise has spotted many innovations to reduce these stressors. These include a brand that has introduced a recycling shower that reduces water usage by 75 per cent and a smart sensor that encourages users to save water in the shower.

Written By: Anam Alam



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