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Nature Squared was founded in 2000 by Lay Koon Tan and Paul Hoeve with the express purpose of using sustainable natural material, including by-products of other industries or fast-growing natural materials. | Photo source Tracy Wong

Wall tiles made from eggshell waste


A design studio that specialises in natural materials is now creating wall tiles from discarded eggshells

Spotted: UK-based design studio Nature Squared specialises in turning natural materials, such as abalone shells, abandoned termite nests, grass and seeds, into sustainable construction materials. Now, the studio has added new material to its repertoire – eggshells. The studio is using eggshell waste to create an ecologically sustainable collection of wall tiles dubbed Carrelé. 

The tiles are produced in Nature Squared’s factory in the Philippines which sources the organic eggshells from local bakeries and farms. The shells are cleaned, crushed and heated with natural colouring agents, such as indigo, madder and chlorophyllin. The shells are then combined with a binding agent, formed into tiles and cured. It takes about 3,000 eggshells to make one square metre of tile. The company also uses eggshells to make inlay tiles by hand.

Nature Squared was founded in 2000 by Lay Koon Tan and Paul Hoeve with the express purpose of using sustainable natural materials, including by-products of other industries or fast-growing natural materials. The company then transforms these materials using high-quality craftsmanship and “cutting edge technical and chemical know-how.” 

The Carrelé tiles are easy to clean and can be used on walls and in wet areas, such as in bathrooms and kitchen, and they hope to further develop the product for use as flooring. Tan explains the appeal of the tiles to Wallpaper, saying, “I love their unexpected visual versatility. They’re reminiscent of terrazzo, but they’re obviously not terrazzo.” 

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Written By: Lisa Magloff

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