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The biocatalysts are designed with the final commercial product in mind to ensure the entire process is streamlined | Photo source EnginZyme

Using enzymes to sustainably manufacture everyday products


Biomimetic processes replace harmful catalysts and reduce wasted heat, energy, and emissions in manufacturing operations

Spotted: The world population is growing and is expected to peak at around 10.4 billion people by the end of this century. To keep pace with the material demands of so many people, manufacturing must also grow. Researchers expect chemical production to quadruple in size by 2050. That growth must be green to ensure the health of the Earth and its communities. 

Taking steps towards making green chemical production possible is Swedish technology company EnginZyme. The company has created a biomimetic process that replaces harmful, petroleum-based manufacturing systems with a stable, cell-free enzyme platform. Cell-free means that businesses do not need to invest in highly specialised equipment designed to keep cellular manufacturing processes stable. Instead, the EnginZyme system uses enzymatic reactions to replace chemical catalysts.  

By not using those catalysts, businesses reduce the amount of heat, energy, and metal they use to manufacture just about every product in the world. Additionally, EnginZyme’s processes are usable in continuous operations and in standard machinery, and don’t require batch production in new reactors.  

The company recently closed a Series B round of funding that raised €21 million that will be used to begin large-scale, global rollout of its technologies, as well as to continue refining and enhancing the platform. 

Cleaning up heavy industry is a worldwide priority, and Springwise has spotted innovations such as plug-and-play biogas plants, and carbon-negative chemicals replacing some of the highest polluting processes.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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