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Using machine learning to map worldwide waste


A startup aims to put our rubbish on the map to facilitate circular economy principles

Spotted: Every year we dump a colossal 2.12 billion tonnes of waste. And if we filled trucks with this rubbish, there would be vans to go around the globe 24 times. Although our rubbish clearly isn’t stored just in trucks, do we know where it actually goes? Edinburgh-based data analytics firm Topolytics is looking for answers with its data aggregation and analytics platform that aims to make the world’s waste visible, verifiable, and valuable.

The platform, called WasteMap, collects and analyses data about waste types, amounts, and movements to create insights for waste producers, investors, and governments across numerous sites, regions, and countries. With this, Topolytics envisions waste and management resources becoming more transparent and effective for both commercial use and the environment.

Michael Groves, Topolytics chief executive, explains that, “it helps waste producers and recyclers to drive resource and cost efficiencies, to trace the movement of waste and measure their impact, whilst validating performance and improving the quality and reliability of ESG and carbon reporting.”

The Scottish firm has reportedly raised £1.5 million (around €1.69 million) from “seasoned hight-net-worth-investors” and a UK Research and Innovation grant. With this money, the company claims it will launch its WasteMap solution and further commercial business.

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Written By: Georgia King




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