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Kusini Water's solar-powered system provides clean water at an affordable price | Photo source Amritanshu Sikdar on Unsplash

Mobile filtration system provides affordable clean water


Macadamia shells and a nano-fibre membrane mechanically remove E-coli and other pathogens

Spotted: Many of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases are spread through the use of unclean water. Communities without access to safe water are at much higher risk of malnutrition and death, a situation recognised by the United Nations via the Sustainable Development Goal of achieving water and sanitation for all citizens by 2030.

One company making strides in bringing clean, drinkable water to communities in need is South African social enterprise Kusini Water. The company’s system incorporates locally-sourced macadamia nutshells, to create an activated carbon filtration process. A nano-fibre membrane provides a second filter, thereby providing potable water with all contaminants larger than 0.01 microns in size removed. This process removes common pathogens, including bacteria and E-coli, pesticides, and chemicals such as chlorine.

The solar-powered system doesn’t require any electricity, and at a price of one South African Rand (€0.06) per litre, the clean water is affordable to most community members. The system could also provide a source of income for individuals and organisations. The modular design is adaptable to local needs and uses easily procured materials.

An IoT smart meter allows for each system to be monitored from afar, making it quicker and easier to maintain. Kusini Water plans to install 20 more filtration systems throughout 2022 across highly populated regions of the South African Development Community.

Finding ways to help people access usable water is a worldwide priority, with Springwise spotting a portable device that pulls water from the air and an app that helps local water projects connect and collaborate with others.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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