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Well Aware has been providing water systems in east Africa for 12 years | Photo source Well Aware

New app supports successful water projects in East Africa

Nonprofit & Social Cause

The app allows people in the community to maintain and diagnose their own water systems

Spotted: International nonprofit Well Aware has announced the availability of a new app developed in collaboration with social-good technology company Well Beyond. The Well Beyond app allows people in the community to maintain and diagnose their own water systems. It does this by providing them with tools—such as maintenance checklists and diagnostic decision trees—through a smartphone.

The primary goal of the technology is to avoid situations where ​communities wait days or weeks for repairs, as this often leaves them without water. The app works offline where internet is unreliable, and a 24-hour remote chat connects people on the ground with Well Aware and Well Beyond experts overseas.

As a secondary benefit, the app collects and reports back data on how water systems are being used, providing information on their impact and effectiveness. Interactive water, sanitation and hygiene training can also be provided through the app, as well as support for feminine hygiene and reproductive health.

Well Aware has been providing water systems to communities in East Africa for over 12 years. Despite the best efforts of thousands of organisations working in Africa, 60 percent of water wells fail. Together, the two female-led organisations believe they can help to change this.

Kathryn Bergmann, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Well Beyond explains, “Nonprofits and governments are struggling to keep water systems working, and no one has tapped into the rapidly expanding internet and mobile availability to fill the information and expertise gap”.

According to the UN, 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries. At Springwise, we have spotted numerous innovations targeting water scarcity. This includes a solar-powered water farm in Kenya, and solar-powered water pumps designed for small farmers.

Written By: Katrina Lane



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