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MYLO is a virtual lifeguard powered by AI and computer vision | Photo source Coral Smart Pool

A virtual lifeguard uses AI and computer vision

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The system sounds an alarm and sends wi-fi alerts to users’ devices

Spotted: MYLO, the world’s first virtual lifeguard for home pools, alerts owners when someone enters the water and when a swimmer appears to be in trouble. Using above and below water cameras, along with real-time video and artificial intelligence (AI) swimming knowledge, the system spots potential problems before they become fatal. The AI-powered system sends wi-fi alerts and sounds the alarm when anyone in the water moves in a manner that indicates panic.

Alerts about entries to the pool are only sent when the pool has been empty and still for more than five minutes, indicating that no one is using it. When a group of people are enjoying the space, and children are going in and out of the pool, alerts will not be sent. Should someone sink to the bottom of the pool and remain motionless for more than 15 seconds, a loud alarm will sound on the home unit as well as the poolside unit, indicating an emergency. Alerts will also be set to paired devices, and there is no limit to the number that can be linked.

The company emphasises that the system is meant to be used in conjunction with adult supervision, not as a replacement. MYLO is available for pre-order with distribution beginning in quarter two of 2023.

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Written By: Keely Khoury



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