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The Janus and Glassafe seat designs | Photo source Avio Interiors

Aeroplane seats designed to protect from coronavirus

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An Italian company has released two new concepts for airplane seats, which could protect travellers from contracting viruses on flights

Spotted: Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, non-essential air travel has been highly advised against. However, due to some people still needing to travel, airlines have been introducing temporary measures to provide more space between passengers, to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Italian aircraft design firm, Avio Interiors, has released two new seat concepts that are designed to reduce the spread of germs and could act as permanent solutions to flying after COVID-19.  

The first concept, Janus, separates passengers in the same row by reversing the middle seat to face the back of the plane, with a transparent guard wrapping around the sides and back of each seat. The second, Glassafe, adapts the existing seat design by installing transparent shield guards to each seat, isolating each passenger from the shoulders up. The first concept seems to be the more efficient option in reducing the spread of germs, as it completely shields passengers on either side of each other, while the second one still leaves hands exposed.

If these designs pass regulations, the Janus model could be ready in six months and the Glassafe model could be ready in as little as two. At the moment it is unclear whether these new concepts will form a part of the future of travel; however, they are showing the influence that COVID-19 has started having on the way shared spaces are designed.

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